Well-being in the workplace - What can companies do for it?

March 16, 2022
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An explanation

Well-being at work means that the physical, mental and social health of employees is in harmony. The employer's operational offer should be aligned with the needs, abilities and expectations of the employees. In most cases, this is only the case if the employer takes an in-depth look at the well-being of its employees. Health-promoting measures include the introduction of a work-life balance, employee development or recognition. 

Why is well-being at work so important?

The importance of wellbeing in the workplace has changed as a result of the pandemic. The role of companies in promoting it in the workplace is becoming increasingly important.

Many sick days and psychological problems among employees are due to too much stress at work. Prevention in the company demonstrably pays off.

But what can companies do to prevent the problem? These 5 tips show how companies can promote the health of their employees. 

Offer flexible working hours

Okay... we know this is nothing new. But: Enabling a good work-life balance simply has a positive effect on the well being of employees, as has already been proven in many studies. The option of home office and the adaptation of working hours to the personal daily routine has a positive effect on the productivity of the employees.

Promote further training opportunities

Intrinsic motivation is more sustainable than monetary rewards. Intrinsic motivation can be promoted through further training.

Many employees need a constant feeling of progress, and this need can be met through training.

A mix of external and internal training opportunities is the key to success. 

Employee oriented room design 

Ergonomics is the keyword here. Ergonomic furniture promotes the physical health of employees. Ergonomic office chairs are the be-all and end-all in office furnishings. Rooms and materials for small movement units can also work wonders. For mental health, relaxation rooms where employees can retreat can be beneficial. 

Promote team building

A strong and well-functioning team does not develop by itself and can also be influenced by the employer. Regular interaction promotes the mental health and cohesion of employees. This can be reinforced by recurring activities such as team meetings, after-work beers or other team building activities. 

Offer climathon 

Klimathon?! What is it? The Klimathon is a collaborative challenge with practical suggestions for CO2 saving opportunities in daily life. All participants can select the challenges that suit them and view their success in the form of accumulated climate points.

The Climate Marathon strengthens the community of employees, at the same time sensitizing them to climate protection and giving them the feeling that they can achieve something. 

Do you have a business or active in your community? Offer a Climateathon to maintain the long-term health of your employees. Contact us.

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