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Take part in the CO2 Challenge!

At the ClimateRally you stand up for your community and save as much CO2 as possible together with other climate heroes from 11.09. to 08.10.23.

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How can I join the ClimateRally?

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How much CO2 has already been saved?

Note: Please be patient. The content embedded on this page requires complex calculations that may take a few moments to complete

Reduce CO2 easily with the app

With the 2zero app you can reduce your CO2 emissions in a fun way. During the ClimateRally you get exciting content and receive great discounts for your efforts!

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Exciting challenges from different areas of life motivate sustainable change

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Track your footprint & travel, compareCO2 emissions and discover savings potentials

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Collect climate points and get great rewards from our sustainability partners

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Exciting contests and KlimaGoodNews create a real "we" feeling in your community

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Get great rewards

For your efforts you will receive climate points, which you can redeem for sustainable offers at our partners!

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15% discount for saved fruits & vegetables!

etepetete has already saved 4,970,000 kg of fruits & vegetables because of their color, shape or size. Become a food rescuer:in and order your first box of rescued organic fruits and vegetables!

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10% discount on sustainable detergent

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30€ cashback for your first impact investment

With ecoligo you invest really sustainable. You can co-finance green energy projects worldwide for as little as €100. Let your money work for the planet!

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10% discount for oat milk

With UNMILK's plant-based oat drinks, you use 21x less CO2, 10x less water, and 8x less farmland than traditional cow's milk.

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15% discount on natural snacks

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What is the ClimateRally?

In the KlimaRally, municipalities from all over Germany work together to save CO2! Is your municipality involved? Then become part of the action by registering as a participant:in in the 2zero app.

The goal of the KilmaRally is to reduce 202 tons of CO2

Our goal

Turn 1% of Germans into climate protectors. With each person we save 23kgCO2 in 4 weeks - that's 1,800 crossings of Germany by car.

The ClimateRally runs for 4 weeks, from 11.09. to 08.10.2023

The period

Four weeks of climate protection after the summer vacations. This is how we integrate our young climate heroes to unite the whole of Germany on the path to sustainability.

Reduce CO2 with the 2zero app

The 2zero App

In the 2zero app you can calculate your footprint, complete CO2 challenges and win great prizes.


Declaration of consent

With the app "2zero" from the service provider 2zero you have the opportunity to participate in the ClimateRally. You can determine your personal CO2 footprint and reduce it using various challenges. When determining theCO2 footprint and during the challenges, different information about your habits and behaviors will be requested, whereby personal data will also be processed. For this purpose, we therefore require the following declaration of consent under data protection law:

By downloading the app and participating in the challenges, I agree that the data collected in the course of using the app may be processed for the aforementioned purpose. Insofar as the information collected also contains references to sensitive data, such as information about my health, my consent also refers to this. My consent is voluntary and can be revoked at any time (e.g. by deleting my account). Failure to give my consent will have no further effect, but will only result in me not being able to use the app and participate in the challenges. For more information on the type and scope of data processing within the framework of the app and on my rights, I can refer to the data protection notices.

How do I register?

You can now download the free app "2zero" from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and install it on your smartphone or tablet. Please note the above information on data protection. You join our community by opening the app and logging in with your email address. After your registration you will receive an email from 2zero for verification by means of an individual code. Please check your spam folder if necessary. Then just enter the code and start!

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How do I create a team?

If you want to save CO2 together with your friends, you can create a team together with other participants or join an existing one. Note that you must have at least 3 people in your team, otherwise you will not appear on the leaderboard.

Simply go to the "Community" tab in the app (click on the two little men at the bottom right). There you can create your own team or join one of the existing teams. From the official start of the ClimateRally, you can then collect climate points for your team together.

How do I calculate mycarbon footprint?

In the next step, you can calculate your personal CO₂ footprint. You can also do this before the start of the ClimateRally.

You can find the CO₂ calculator in the app section "My footprint" and enter detailed information here by clicking on "Edit" (top right). The CO₂ calculator was developed together with the Fraunhofer Institute and is scientifically based. Answering the questions is voluntary. If you cannot or do not want to answer a question, a German mean value is automatically assumed. However, the result is of course more accurate if you answer the questions individually and truthfully.

Complete challenges

From the official start of the ClimateRally, every week there will be 4-6 new challenges from your professional or private everyday life for you to choose from. Choose the tasks that suit you best and collect points. Every week, new challenges are added that fit the respective topic. You can also take on several challenges at the same time. If you have successfully completed a weekly task, mark it at the end of the week by clicking on the green "Yes" field for "Done". Please be honest, because this is the only way to make it a fair competition.

On the basis of your individual data, the currently achieved climate points for your team are automatically calculated, and the average value is determined. So it doesn't matter how many members your team has, what counts is the effort of each individual. You can see how your team is doing compared to the others in the leaderboard in the community area of the app.

How do I get rewards?

You can redeem your collected climate points for discounts or vouchers with selected partners within the 2zero app. The offer ranges from sustainable laundry detergent to a fashion leasing service to vegan food - there's sure to be something you like.

End of the ClimateRally

You can join the ClimateRally at any time, because it's never too late to startsaving CO2. At the end of the four weeks, we will see which team was the most committed and how muchCO2 we were able to save together as a community.

Let's go!

Download the 2zero app, join your community, complete challenges and save CO2!

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The 2zero app engages people to act together to protect the climate
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