Protecting the
climate together

Whether you're just starting out or already on your way, we'll provide you with the challenges and tools to enable the sustainable transformation of your business!

Your path to climate neutrality

The path to Net Zero is achieved with 2zero in three steps: Learn, Reduce and Invest.

First, it is important to raise awareness and knowledge about climate protection. We achieve this through our Climateathon, which imparts knowledge and promotes commitment in a playful way

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In the next step, we help you reduce your company's carbon footprint through tailored challenges and initiatives

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And finally, after you reach Net Zero, we support you to invest in sustainable projects that create a transparent and lasting impact.

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Learning with the Klimathon

Immerse yourself in our Climateathon - an interactive, six-week experience that introduces your employees to the world of sustainability. Through daily challenges and fun competitions, they'll learn not only how to make their daily lives greener, but also how they can help achieve your company's sustainability goals.

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Reduce with sustainable challenges

Use our comprehensive toolset to effectively reduce your company's carbon footprint. Based on the current state of your business, we offer customized challenges and initiatives that are not only fun, but also make a real difference. From small daily changes to large company-wide initiatives, we help you achieve your CO2 reduction goals.

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Invest in sustainable projects

After you've reached Net Zero, it's time to take it a step further. With 2zero, you invest in sustainable projects that have a real and lasting impact. We support a range of selected projects, from reforestation to peatland rehabilitation, that not only help regenerate nature but also provide social benefits. Invest in a sustainable future and make a real difference.

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What our customers say

"For us as a company, 2zero brings exactly what we wanted it to - the realization that everyone can do something for climate protection within the company."

Simon Westermair


"The Klimathon has shown us: The 2zero app simplifies the approach and illustrates how much CO2 was saved together. Definitely recommended for other municipalities!"

Fabian Humpert

City Verl

"We promoted the 2zero app intensively on social media in advance using the materials provided and were able to get a great turnout."

Laura Düpre

Bad Homburg

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Protecting the climate together!

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With our solutions, we already support more than 50 companies and municipalities in the implementation of their climate goals - sustainable changes simple, playful and also for your company!
Max Pinkert, Managing Director 2zero

Max Pinkert

CEO 2zero

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