2zero - Towards zero emissions!

Our vision is to help shape sustainable and long-term change - in a private, social and professional context - so that together we are able to learn a climate-neutral lifestyle and protect our planet

The 2zero app committed to sustainability
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Our history

Once upon a time...

... Emil and Moritz started working on a CO2 calculator with their software agency twigbit. Shortly after, twigbit became part of the Less is more consortium and met the founders of the sustainability start-up worldwatchers and started developing a mobile app to reduce the personal carbon footprint. This was the starting point of the apps Klimakompass & Klimo and the accompanying initiative Klimathon with the aim to support communities and companies in their sustainable transformation. At the turn of the year 2021/2022, the projects were then handed over to the twigbit team in a lead role: That was the birth of 2zero!

Our Impact

Acceleration of the transformation

With our growing traction and the increasing number of users in our app, we are driving our growth and influence forward

Completed Challenges
Users in our app
tons of CO2 emissions avoided
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Reduce > Compensate

With our solutions, we want to promote a sustainable change in values. We pursue a positive and motivating approach to enable this transformation

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Shared responsibility

We believe in reducing CO2 emissions before offsetting them. We believe in the need for a responsible mindset to achieve our sustainability goals

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Motivating people

We encourage people to champion sustainability, spread positivity and create an empathetic community for inspiration and learning

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Create a mindset

We are all in the same boat and therefore rely on a common mindset, trust and respect. In this way, we strive for transparent and shared interaction

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Arouse curiosity

With our playful challenges and content, we enable change and transformation and arouse curiosity for creative, collaborative, innovative and effective solutions

2zero - 1 team

We are the movers and shakers behind 2zero.
As a team, we are strong together for sustainable change!

Lord of All Things Technical

As a software engineer and co-founder, I make sure that all systems run smoothly. I am happy that I can focus on sustainability as a programmer.

Moritz Morgenroth
Chief Futurist

I am CPO and Co-Founder at 2zero, always concentrated with my big headphones at my desk in the 2zero office, as my colleagues have observed so beautifully!


I am a software developer and also responsible for ice cream and sweets. Because I usually have something to snack on in the office in the afternoon at the latest, which I then share with everyone!

Max Pinkert, 2zero
Chief cheerleader

Alongside Moritz and Emil, I am co-founder of 2zero. It is my responsibility to take care of our growth as an organization and our strategic direction, furthermore: to keep everyone happy!

Julius Gronau, Sales 2zero
VP of ABC (Always Be Closing)

My main task is to initiate and coordinate our various sustainability initiatives. In the office, people "love" me for my long phone calls including several kilometers around our office desks.

Arts and Crafts

As a designer, I create concepts and designs for our products such as the website, app, marketing materials and pitches. In the team, they jokingly call me the "Figma God"!

Dog Fanush
Chief Happiness Officer

I balance every day between having enough free time and relaxing on my sofa and being there for the team with my good mood - a job I am sometimes envied for!

We are looking for you!

We are continuing to grow and need active support. See if there's something for you! For unsolicited applications, you are welcome to contact people@2zero.earth

Our strategic and scientific support

As a young team, we are always looking for external support. From the beginning, we work with mentors, scientific partners and networks.

Johannes Kauffmann
Johannes Kauffmann
Business Angel

The first who believed in us and has been advising and supporting us in the area of funding ever since!

Emily Deacon
Emily Deacon

Depending on the emotional state of our founders, either our sparring partner or life coach for our founding team.

Benjamin Kamya
Benjamin Kamya

Gives us regular insider tips in the field of finance and accounting, supported by his advice summa.

Joris van Winsen
Joris van Winsen

Joined us through IBB CoachingBonus and have been hearing in our heads ever since, "What's your value proposition?"

Scientific partners