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App test "2Zero - Sustainable together": Run the climate marathon!

Climate protection is particularly fun in a team. And in the case of "2Zero", that team is your own municipality or group of colleagues. The app uses challenges and local activities to encourage people to work together to combat climate change.

"Klimathon": Program for climate marathon in Flensburg

The program of the Climate Marathon has been presented at Flensburg City Hall. During 42 days, Flensburg residents can take on 40 climate challenges in app-based competitions. The goal is to save as much CO2 as possible.

Half marathon at the kitchen table

You can participate in the "Klimathon" even without training - it can still be exhausting.

Reducing carbon footprint through App-based personal challenges

Welcome to our spotlight series. This week we feature Max Pinkert, CEO and Co-Founder of 2zero, an app that helps individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint by completing personal challenges.

Three cities, one bet! Who will save more CO2 in the north?

The three largest cities in Schleswig-Holstein will be competing in a special kind of marathon from March 1 to April 12: In the Klimathon - an app-based competition - residents of the three municipalities can choose from more than 80 "climate challenges" in six different disciplines to save CO2.

3rd Passau Climate Marathon - participatory action for the environment and climate protection

In the spirit of environmental and climate protection, individuals and teams can collect climate points and identify and minimize their own CO2 emissions. In addition, companies, schools, clubs or associations in the city area can also participate in the Passau Climate Marathon.

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The climate rally

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The ClimateRally: Together for a Greener Future

The KlimaRally unites municipalities from all over Germany to stand up together for climate protection over a period of four weeks - For a sustainable, environmentally friendly future in Germany

What is the ClimateRally?

The KlimaRallye is an innovative CO2 reduction campaign in which municipalities from all over Germany can participate.

The goal? 200 tons ofCO2esavings!
That means turning 1% of Germans into climate protectors. Because then each person saves 23kg CO2 in 4 weeks - that is 1,800 Germany crossings with the car or 200 tonsCO2e

The period? 11.09. - 08.10.2023!
Four weeks of climate protection after the summer vacations, because this is how we integrate our young climate heroes to unite all of Germany on the path to sustainability.

2zerois the organizer!
2zero organizes the ClimateRally including Challenges, press and marketing for all participating communities

Why are we organizing the ClimateRally?

The KlimaRallye is an innovative campaign for CO2 reduction in which municipalities from all over Germany can participate.

To do good together and achieve great things!
With the KlimaRallye, we jointly set an example for climate protection. In this way, participation can make a concrete contribution to promoting sustainability and climate awareness

Active climate protection in Germany
By taking part in the KlimaRally, every municipality is actively contributing to climate protection and CO2 reduction in Germany in order to achieve our climate goals together

Creating awareness and changing
The KlimaRally creates broad climate protection awareness and motivates every:n to make sustainable decisions and to actively save CO₂

Strengthen and network municipalities
The KlimaRally networks German municipalities for joint climate protection and motivates them to take active steps together to reduce CO2 in the future as well

Which municipalities are invited?

The KlimaRallye is an open campaign for all municipalities that want to make a difference. Whether city or municipality, every municipality is welcome to participate in our nationwide initiative. Together we are stronger! Registration deadline is 31.07.23

What do the citizens get out of it?

The 2zero app offers citizens a fun way to reduce their CO2 emissions and actively contribute to climate protection. By participating in the ClimateRally, in which they receive exciting content and are rewarded for their efforts with attractive discounts, the motivation for sustainable change is increased. The challenges play a crucial role in this, as they encourage participants to implement sustainable measures in various areas of their lives and effectively reduce their carbon footprint.

With the integrated tracking feature, users:inside can accurately track their CO2 emissions and travel distances, allowing them to measure their progress and compare themselves. Collecting climate points provides additional motivation, as these can be exchanged for rewards from our sustainability partners.

The special thing about the 2zero app, however, is the strong sense of community, which is strengthened by competitions and the inspiring KlimaGoodNews. In this way, participants inspire and encourage each other to stand up together for a sustainable future and become active in the fight against climate change.

Latest press release

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The ClimateRally: Together for a Greener Future

The KlimaRallye is a Germany-wide climate protection campaign that the Berlin-based sustainability company 2zero has launched for the first time this year. From 11.09. to 08.10., municipalities from all over Germany will get involved to stand up for more climate protection together and save 200 tons of CO2 in 4 weeks. The registration deadline for municipalities is 31.07.23.

What is the KlimaRally about?
The KlimaRally is a unique initiative in which citizens and municipalities work hand in hand to raise awareness of climate protection and promote sustainable behavior. The citizens of the participating municipalities have full access to all the benefits of the 2zero app during the 4 weeks of the campaign. In the app, citizens can playfully reduce their CO2 emissions and are rewarded with great discounts. Exciting challenges from different areas of life motivate sustainable change and help to reduce the CO2 footprint. Tracking travel routes and consumer behavior helps to discover valuable savings potential in real time. Exciting competitions and KlimaGoodNews, which is guaranteed to put everyone in a good mood, ensure that all participants experience a real sense of togetherness and inspire each other to work together for a sustainable future.
And the best part? For collecting climate points, participants receive attractive rewards from exciting sustainability companies from all over Germany.

What makes the ClimateRally special?
The ClimateRally is characterized by its comprehensive support for participating municipalities. From a customized communication plan with marketing materials to ready-prepared content for the action weeks, KlimaRallye offers a comprehensive platform for climate protection. In addition, the municipalities are given access to a special communication platform that enables them to exchange information with other participating cities and municipalities.

Strong together against climate change
The KlimaRallye calls on all municipalities in Germany to join in and work together to raise awareness of climate protection in Germany. Each participating municipality plays an important role in achieving the ambitious goal of saving 200 tons of CO2 and making a positive contribution to the environment.


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Case Study Schleswig-Holstein Klimathon

Brief description

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Playfully protect the climate together! With our solutions, we already support more than 50 companies and municipalities in implementing their climate goals - changes that are simple, playful and digital!

About 2zero

Our vision is to create sustainable, long-term and easily achievable change - in private, social and professional contexts, so that together we can reach the goal of a maximum of 2.0 degrees Celsius warming.
2zero uses software-based tools to measure the carbon footprint of individuals and playfully promote the reduction of their carbon footprint through various challenges within the 2zero app. We work with companies and municipalities that make our platform available to their employees/citizens:in. Challenges include, for example, biking to work every day, reducing meat consumption, or using energy more efficiently at home. Those who master these challenges receive real rewards, discounts and offers to live a more sustainable life.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote profound and collaborative change toward a sustainable future. We strive to integrate sustainability into all aspects of life - be it personal, social or professional. Our product as "Change as a Service" serves as a driving force for this. We rely on digital solutions around our app to establish an everyday culture of sustainability. Our approach is individual and adaptable, tailored to your needs!

Excerpt of important municipal customers

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History and origin

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Climate protection and technology?

2016, Moritz Morgenroth and Emil Bergold founded the company twigbit with the vision to develop digital solutions efficiently and customer-oriented. As mathematicians and computer scientists, they thus entered a business world they knew and were familiar with, in which projects quickly arose. The young company twigbit began to establish itself.
A year later, the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were published to secure our natural livelihoods in a long-term and sustainable manner. They set the foundation for a sustainable development of our society. In the years that followed, the SDGs, the Paris Climate Agreement, Greta Thunberg and the "Fridays for Future" movement ensured an increasing awareness of climate change across the board in our society.
The topic of (ecological) sustainability in its diverse facets became a general topic of conversation and discussion.

How did the idea for 2zero as a new, independent company come about?

Until 2020, we - as twigbit - were not aware of how we, as a digital technology company, could do our part to achieve the SDGs. With the foundation of worldwatchers 2019, that changed.
worldwatchers is based on the idea of offering a "Weight Watchers for the climate". In search of a technological partner to provide solutions and products attractively - for example in the form of an app - the connection between worldwatchers and twigbit came about. Starting in 2020, worldwatchers and twigbit cooperated. While we were responsible for the technological developments, worldwatchers was responsible for the content.
Especially companies and municipalities became customers. Their feedback coupled with our experience opened up new perspectives on the interaction of sustainability and digital products.
In addition to technical development in the area of sustainability, we identified potential and possible solutions that we could implement quickly and user-oriented based on previous experience in the technological development area. First projects started for example with an intuitive CO2 calculator and the presentation of CO2 emissions and saving potentials.

2Zero foundation

At the turn of the year 2021/2022, we founded the company 2zero as an independent startup out of the software agency twigbit. The starting signal was given to build on the experience with worldwatchers and to drive the achievement of SGDs together with our clientele with a sustainable vision.
Julius, our Sales Manager, says: "We offer you an app suitable for everyday use, which enables users to get started playfully, quickly and effectively!"
In concrete terms, this means that our digital platform provides simple and intuitive support in the background for evaluating and analyzing the personal ecological footprint. In order to ultimately reduce the CO2e footprint, there are incentives, actions and tips for everyday life. Our target groups are private and business customers, initially with a focus on companies and municipalities. This is what our constantly growing team is working for!

What motivates our founders?

"I think: Climate protection should not only be fun, it has to be fun! While 2zero is not the first start-up I founded, it is the one that allows me to pursue my greatest passion: Combining technology and sustainability. In addition, it always captivates and excites me anew to turn a digital product idea into reality through programming and to make it accessible to other people in a short time."
- Moritz, Co-Founder 2zero

What products do we offer?

At the moment, we are concentrating on the "Klimathon" as an introductory initiative for a long-term sustainability culture and on our digital platform for year-round initiatives on various different topics.

Our "KlimaRallye" campaign for municipalities throughout Germany is new! Together with as many participants as possible, we want to save a total of 200 tons of CO2 over 4 weeks in October.

General press release

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Playing together to protect the climate: Shaping the change towards a more sustainable future with 2zero

2zero, an innovative climate protection start-up from Berlin, has made it its mission to make the world a little bit better - both in private everyday life and at work

With its climate protection app, 2zero has already supported more than 50 companies and municipalities on their way to climate neutrality. The company uses playful approaches to measure and reduce the CO2 footprint.

The 2zero app is a real all-rounder: it measures the CO2 footprint and motivates users to reduce it through a variety of challenges. For example, users can score points by taking their bike to work instead of their car or by reducing their meat consumption. And best of all, there are great rewards for every challenge mastered.

The story of 2zero began with the two founders Moritz Morgenroth and Emil Bergold. Originally working as developers in the software industry, they set their sights on having their technologies contribute to achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) shortly after they were published.
In collaboration with worldwatchers, the "weight watchers for the climate," 2zero began developing digital solutions that could measure carbon footprints and identify potential savings. Gradually, 2zero developed an ever larger team of motivated climate protection enthusiasts, and eventually 2zero also became an important player in the field of climate protection.

Today, 2zero offers, among other things, the "Klimathon", an exciting initiative that makes it easier to get started with climate protection. In the 2zero app, there are plenty of tips and tricks for more sustainable habits in everyday life.

Large cities such as the state capital Kiel or even entire districts such as the LK Munich have already carried out a climate protection campaign together with 2zero. The digital tools from 2zero can be used to raise awareness of the topic of climate protection in a playful way and to build up a culture of sustainability within the community in the long term.

Further information about 2zero can be found on the website: https://www.2zero.earth


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