Mobility and CO2 emissions

February 6, 2023
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Mobility and CO2 emissions

Mobility is an important aspect of our daily lives. However, this sector also contributes to significant impacts on our environment. One of the biggest problems is the emission of CO2 by vehicles.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the transport sector accounted for around 37% of CO2 emissions from the end-use sectors in 2021. Most of these emissions come from road transport, with cars and light commercial vehicles making the largest contribution.

The CO2 emissions of the transport sector depend on various factors. In individual mobility, the main factors are the type of vehicle, fuel and driving behavior.

There are several ways to reduce CO2 emissions from transportation. Some of the most effective solutions are:

  1. The use of public transport: Promoting the use of public transport can contribute enormously to reducing CO2 emissions, because public transport such as buses and trains are generally much more efficient than private vehicles. As a result, they help reduce congestion and improve air quality.
  2. Cycling as an alternative for short distances: Using a bicycle also saves CO2e emissions. The exercise also keeps you fit. However, we definitely need (of course also regionally different) investments in bicycle infrastructure, such as dedicated bike lanes and secure bike parking. This will make cycling safer and more convenient. Many cities also have bike-sharing programs where you can borrow a bike for a short period of time, making it easy and convenient to use your bike for short trips.
  3. Walking: This is also a super alternative for short distances. It's emission-free, doesn't require fuel, and is a great way to get those 10,000 steps per day in ;) Plus, it's a very inexpensive mode of transportation!
  4. Electric mobility: Promoting the use of electric vehicles is one of the most effective ways to reduce CO2 emissions from transport. Electric vehicles produce no tailpipe emissions and can be powered by clean energy sources such as wind, solar and hydroelectric power.

Check out our challenges for more inspiration. Take a look and think about what mobility changes you can integrate into your everyday life!


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