Save energy while protecting your wallet and the climate?!

October 31, 2022
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These are turbulent times in which we are currently living. - But there are also things we can actively do to give ourselves a little more certainty and confidence. Especially in the climate crisis and with gas prices constantly rising, we have the power to act! We want to show you how you can individually and easily reduce your energy consumption - that's easy on your wallet and good for the environment at the same time.

Are you still using climate-damaging and expensive energy sources? Then you have a lot of room for maneuver, because the goal should be to say goodbye to these energy sources.

💡Littlerepetition 🤓

But in order to understand what we are talking about here, here is a little review from eighth or ninth grade physics class!

🤓 We usually use electricity and energy conservation synonymously. Electric current (also electricity) describes the directed movement of electric charges. Energy is the precursor to it, because energy ensures the generation of electricity. Gas (natural gas), which is currently the subject of much discussion, is a fossil fuel.

💡Saving energy or electricity therefore means using fewer energy sources in order to ideally still achieve the desired end result, for example a lit or pleasantly heated room.

How we can save

Efficient heating

A tip with a particularly big effect: Lowering the room temperature by just one degree Celsius saves six percent! You still shouldn't freeze, but maybe you'll consider putting on a sweater and grandma's wool socks!
Regular venting of radiators also helps to save energy. Be careful not to cover your heaters with furniture. Drying laundry on the radiator may be quick, but it increases energy consumption.

Use of more efficient end devices

Using energy-efficient appliances can save 25 to 80% of the electricity currently consumed. - While this may increase your initial outlay, you can potentially recoup these costs in a year's time, especially given current energy costs!
We also recommend looking for used, refurbished new devices. This will save you more money, as these devices are usually cheaper, and at the same time you will be doing something good for the environment if you buy a used but still efficient device instead of a new one.

💡 How old is my refrigerator? Is it still energy efficient? - The savings are also greater with larger appliances!

Saving electricity means (sometimes) pulling the plug

Deactivating standby mode and switching off devices completely is a very effective way to save electricity, because it saves "superfluous" energy - energy that you don't use anyway.
Especially in times of home office, but also in the office, this can have a positive impact on energy consumption, CO2 emissions and your wallet. In the year 400kWh and thus over 100€ can be saved. Switch sockets are helpful, with which all devices can be switched off at the same time. Instead of leaving the laptop in standby, the sleep mode should be used. The device is switched off, but is quickly ready for use when needed.

Our solutions

Our comprehensive concept offers sustainable change to save energy and CO2.

Become independent!

...from Russian gas and from fossil fuels!

It also makes a lot of sense to switch to a green electricity provider if you haven't already done so. This not only saves electricity and therefore money (potentially several hundred euros depending on consumption!), but also CO2 emissions.

Tips for everyday life and household

  • Drying laundry on the clothes rack is more energy efficient than using a dryer. Also, use the energy-saving washing machine program!

Save energy in the kitchen

  • To heat water, a kettle is much more efficient than an electric stove. However, you should make sure that you only heat the required amount of water. So fill beforehand into the vessel for which you need the water! This way, energy is not wasted unnecessarily.

  • From time to time, you should defrost the refrigerator and freezer to save electricity, because an iced appliance in continuous operation increases electricity consumption.

  • Another tip is to cook with a pot lid. This saves energy, and if a suitable pot is also placed on the stovetop, energy consumption during cooking can be reduced by up to two-thirds. - Pro-tip: Warm up your pasta sauce in a plate on your boiling pasta!

Already implemented everything or looking for other tips?

Then come to our app! Here you will find even more tips and background information on saving. In addition, you can motivate your fellow men to do the same, because together it is not only more fun, but we have a greater effect that goes beyond your own wallet! Become the top energy saver:inn7en!


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