Review: worldwatchers klimakompass now in the App Stores!

August 16, 2022
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worldwatchers climate compass now in the app stores!

Review of the initial version of today's 2zero app

worldwatchers first version of the CO2 tracking app is finally available in the app stores. After the successfully completed crowdfunding campaign, worldwatchers has partnered with twigbit to further develop klimakompass (previously: KlimaKompass).

Inspired by management icon Peter F. Drucker "You can't improve what you can't measure", worldwatchers will develop a CO2 tracking app for personal everyday life. In today's world, everyone:r thinks in terms of numbers, costs and budgets. It has become normal to count steps and calories, have sleep patterns monitored automatically, and manage finances with your phone. So why shouldn't there be a way to do the same with your own CO2 budget. The first worldwatchers version of the app is the starting shot in the right direction.

Our actions influence climate change

Even during the Corona Crisis, humanity continues to find itself in a climate crisis. Therefore, it is important to turn the screws for a sustainable lifestyle. Here, everyone can start with themselves and learn to think in new patterns. With the CO2 compass developed by worldwatchers, everyone can succeed.

The first version will focus on an improved CO2 calculator. In addition, there are challenges that provide an initial impetus for change. For the first time, the barcode scanner outputs a CO2 value for certain product groups.

A CO2 calculator that thinks ahead

The new calculator is based on the "ecological rucksack" concept of the Wuppertal Institute. Here, not only the CO2 emissions are considered, but also all natural raw materials that are consumed by the personal lifestyle. This means that when driving a car, it is not only the use of the car (fuel consumption) that is considered - as is the case with conventional CO2 calculators. The raw materials and associated CO2 emissions for production and logistics are also included. This CO2 value is amortized over 10 years. Consequently, it makes a difference how long the car is used.

CO2 values for product groups

The demand for visibility of CO2 levels on products has long existed and gained popularity in 2019 with an Oatly survey. Nevertheless, politics does not act and only a few companies see the need to create transparency so far. With the barcode scanner in the app, CO2 values are displayed per product group.

Once worldwatchers has evaluated products by means of a footprining analysis (worldwatchers business services), specific values are displayed for these products. As an example: Rezemo produces sustainable coffee capsules. These have been rated by worldwatchers. This means that future searches for Rezemo coffee capsule will show the exact CO2 value, while all other brands will show the general CO2 value of aluminum coffee capsules. So the current database is a living, evolving tool. It is under construction and needs continuous maintenance.

worldwatchers' goal is to be the point of contact for all CO2 questions. This way, no one has to spend time researching and discussing which lifestyle is good or bad. Together we can start to control and sustainably manage our CO2 budget.

Climate protection with 2zero

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