Klimathon - joint action for climate protection!

February 7, 2022
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What is the Klimathon?

The Klimathon is our 42-day CO2 challenge for climate protection or the climate action for you! Offer your community or your company the opportunity to collectively reduce your personal carbon footprint! - Become sustainable cities and communities or green companies and crown the people who reduce CO2 emissions particularly strongly.

The Klimathon emerged from our cooperation with worldwatchers. You can read more about this and our founding story here.

So far, we have held 20 climate races and saved more than 12,000 tons of CO2! - A success we want to build on with you. Let's live climate-friendly!

What does the Klimathon offer?

The Klimathon includes various CO2 challenges. These are practical suggestions for CO2 saving possibilities in everyday life. We easily create them for you, according to the desired framework, integrate data and visual representation of your municipality or your company into the app and adapt the challenges for your regional or corporate factors. Of course, you can also create your own challenges, which we will then synchronize with the app. After that, the Klimathon can start!

As a participant, you regularly select the challenges that suit you best and ideally implement them during the Climate Marathon. You can then see your success in the form of accumulated climate points. - There are also rewards. Either at your sustainable local partner or through our partners.

The tool for the Klimathon is our climate protection app. There are three main views:


The dashboard shows an overview of the day's climate protection tasks, the current carbon footprint, and the current leaderboard.


Here you can see your active challenges to fight climate change and the different suggestions to reduce your footprint.


With the help of the leaderboard, you can see whether you live greener than your fellow riders, compare yourselves with each other and motivate yourselves in a fun way to do even more for climate protection!

But why should we hold a climate marathon now?

  • 53% of Germans feel left alone in their climate protection efforts and 55% of employees in the German private sector demand more commitment to sustainability and climate protection from their own company.* - This is your chance to take your employees or citizens by the hand with the Klimathon as a joint climate protection action and show initiative!
  • Each Klimathon generates an average savings potential of 1,467 tons of CO2- This corresponds to more 33,000 € expenditure for CO2 offsets.** The Klimathon therefore also makes financial sense in order to write green figures.
  • Our climate races are a great way to express appreciation to employees and fellow citizens, for example with rewards or individual certificates, as well as to move together towards a sustainable future.


If you are interested or have any questions, we will be happy to give you an introduction to the Klimathon and answer your questions. Just get in touch via our contact form!

* According to a survey by the European Investment Bank in cooperation with YouGov (2018).

** Source: Internal evaluation of the climathons carried out in 2021.

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