Earth Day 2022 - Who says you can't change the world?

April 22, 2022
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"Who says you can't change the world?"

April 22 - It's Earth Day!

Idea and origin of Earth Day

Earth Day originated in the USA in 1970 as a spontaneous student movement. The aim at that time was to draw attention to the environmental movement in the form of a demonstration and to show that not only industry has a strong lobby, but also nature!

Since then, Earth Day has been celebrated worldwide on April 22 and is often closely linked to national environmental policy.

Earth Day in Germany

The Earth Day International Deutsche Komitee e.V. has been in existence since 1994 with the main objective of expanding Agenda 21, which was adopted at the UN Environment Summit in Rio in 1992, with guidelines for sustainable development in the 21st century.

The call to the German people is:

"Do something for the Earth, be environmentally fit and demonstrate your concern on Earth Day."

It's up to each and every one of us! This fits well with our mission at 2zero, because we also want everyone to live greener, that everyone can participate, that everyone becomes aware of environmentally relevant issues and questions their own behavior, because green is life! - Without the raised forefinger, but with positivity and inspiration, true to the motto: "How can I change something in my environment - privately or professionally?"

The German Earth Day initiative calls for:

"Invest sustainably in our planet, it's the only home we have."

Earth Day 2022

Each year, Earth Day focuses on a different theme to steer toward a sustainable future. This year's theme is:

"Your clothes make the man. Sustainable, Organic & Fair looks better on you and the planet."

The aim of this year's day of action is to draw attention to the background and consequences of the production of our clothing, because the production has an impact on the people involved in the production, on nature (flora and fauna) and on each of us. Therefore, it is called for us to get involved as individual consumers.

It is called:

"You decide where you buy, how long you wear it and where you dispose of it."

You can find more information on the German Earth Day page.

So go for it...!

...and think about how you can be more conscious and sustainable when it comes to clothing. You can also get inspiration for this and how you can live in a climate-friendly way in our Climate Compass app - your CO2 app. Take a look!

And regardless of this year's motto and your location worldwide: How convenient that this year Earth Day falls on a Friday. Isn't that a good reason to go to a Fridays for Future demonstration (again) to give more emphasis to the demand for an improved climate protection concept, also from the government, so that companies also take sustainability seriously!


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