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January 3, 2022
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Climate protection and technology?

2016, Moritz Morgenroth and Emil Bergold founded the company twigbit with the vision of developing digital solutions efficiently and customer-oriented. As mathematicians and computer scientists, they thus entered a business world they knew and were familiar with, in which projects quickly arose. The young company twigbit began to establish itself.

One year later, the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were published to secure our natural livelihoods in a long-term and sustainable manner. They set the foundation for a sustainable development of our society. In the following years, the SDGs, the Paris Climate Agreement, Greta Thunberg and the "Fridays for Future" movement ensured an increasing awareness of climate change across the breadth of our society. The topic of (ecological) sustainability in its diverse facets became a general topic of conversation and discussion.

How did the idea for 2zero as a new, independent company come about?

Until 2020, we - as twigbit - were not aware of how we, as a digital technology company, could do our part to achieve the SDGs. - Then, when worldwatchers was founded in 2019, that changed.

worldwatchers is based on the idea of offering a "Weight Watchers for the climate". In search of a technological partner to provide solutions and products attractively - e.g. in the form of an app - worldwatchers met us. From 2020, worldwatchers and twigbit cooperated. While we were responsible for the technological developments, worldwatchers was responsible for the content.

Companies and municipalities in particular became our customers. Their feedback, coupled with our experience, opened up new perspectives on the interaction between sustainability and digital products.

In addition to the technical development in the area of sustainability, we identified potentials and possible solutions that we could implement quickly and user-oriented based on previous experience in the technological development area. First projects started, for example, with an intuitive CO2 calculator and the presentation of CO2 emissions and savings potentials.

What motivates our founder?

"I think: Climate protection should not only be fun, it has to be fun! While 2zero is not the first start-up I founded, it is the one that allows me to pursue my greatest passion: Combining technology and sustainability. In addition, it always captivates and excites me anew to turn a digital product idea into reality through programming and make it accessible to other people in a short time."

- Moritz, Co-Founder 2Zero

2Zero - how it went on...

At the turn of the year 2021/2022, we founded the company 2Zero. The starting signal has been given to build on the experience with worldwatchers and to drive forward the achievement of SGDs with a sustainable vision, together with our clientele.

Julius, our Sales Manager says:

"We offer you an app suitable for everyday use, which enables users:inside to get started playfully, quickly and effectively!"

In concrete terms, this means that our digital, collaborative platform provides simple and intuitive support in the background for evaluating and analyzing the personal ecological footprint. In order to ultimately reduce the carbon footprint, there are incentives, actions and tips for everyday life. Our target group is private and business customers, initially with a focus on companies and municipalities.

This is what our constantly growing team is working for!

What products do we offer?

At present, we are concentrating on the products "Klimathon", "CO2 Calculator" and "Klimakompass". "Klimathon" and "CO2 Calculator" are aimed at business customers, "Klimakompass" at private customers.


Challenge Marathon for climate protection

Start your climate marathon now as a company or municipality. 42 days together for the climate and master climate challenges together!

CO2 Calculator

How much CO2 do I emit?

Intuitive CO2 calculator, with which you can easily calculate your personal CO2 consumption.

Climate Compass

Climate protection app for everyday life

Calculate your personal carbon footprint, master CO2 reduction challenges and get everyday help.

You can find more information about the products on our website and in further blog posts per product. We would also be happy to present our solutions to you personally! Simply use our contact form for this purpose.

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