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January 6, 2022
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2zero App - The climate app for your everyday life

What isthe 2zero app?

The 2zero app is your everyday help in the form of climate protection, in terms of CO2 footprint calculation and reduction. With it, we expand our product range from products for business customers to products for you as a private person. Your footprint is our starting point.

Most CO2 calculators offer you the possibility to roughly calculate your total annual consumption. This way you know where you stand and whether and to what extent you should adapt your lifestyle from a climate perspective. However, in daily life - with the multitude of (consumption) decisions to be made - this does not help you. That's why we're going one step further with the 2zero app:

What does the 2zero app offer?

Calculation of your personal carbon footprint

Calculate your personal carbon footprint in the private areas of your life, such as housing, nutrition, mobility, consumer behavior, vacation, leisure and digital activities. To reach the 1.5 degree target, we need to reduce our carbon footprint to 2.5 tons per person per year in cooperation with business and politics.

Collect climate points

Start with your first challenge to reduce CO2. Master different challenges and advance to the next level to get even more helpful information to reduce your ecological footprint.

We are also in the process of expanding the partnerships and guides section, as well as the content of the app and various challenges, so that we can always offer you the latest and best version of our 2zero app!

Why should I use the 2zero app now?

  • With the 2zero app you can expand your awareness of your personal carbon footprint. In addition to the total amount, you can also find out how it is distributed in different areas.
  • Through our challenges, you have an incentive to reduce your own emissions and contribute to the 1.5 degree target.
  • Your savings will be rewarded, for example with climate points or other surprises!
  • In addition, the 2zero app is free and a way to take private climate action.

Where can I find the 2zero app?

Want to start understanding and reducing your footprint with our 2zero app? - Simply download the 2zero app from your Google App Store or Apple Apps and get started!

Climate protection with 2zero

We offer solutions and services for municipalities with the goal of jointly reducing CO2. Find out more and get in touch with us!

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