Greentech Festival 2022

June 27, 2023

Greentech Festival 2022 - we were there!

After turbulent weeks of preparation, the time had finally come on June 24 and 25, 2022: We as 2zero were represented at the Greentech Festival 2022. Together with sustamize we shared a small but nice booth.

The aim of the Greentech Festival is to bring people from all over the world together under the motto "Together we change". This year, that took place both live and online. It's called "greentech" because it's about being inspired by green, innovative technologies that enable a sustainable lifestyle, and "festival" because it combined a green technology exhibition, a conference, the Green Awards Gala, the SW!TCH GREEN online show and a concert. We were present as exhibitors on the exhibition floor. Hence our conclusion:

What we found super...

  • Through the Greentech Festival, start-ups with important innovative and sustainable solutions were able to network, present their solution approaches and potentially find investors to advance their ideas.
  • Visibility and publicity through formats such as the Greentech Festival help to ensure that sustainability remains in the consciousness and consequently - hopefully - leads to concrete action. Furthermore, it became visible here that there are already various solutions that contribute to saving our planet - if we want to!
  • Due to the low price of the visitor:inside tickets, it was also possible for private persons to inform themselves about Greentech and to be inspired.
  • The mood among the exhibitors was also very positive. We did not have the feeling of a "fight" for market share, but on the contrary perceived the atmosphere as very supportive - together for the same cause!
  • The location (Urban Tech Republic Berlin, former airport hangar of Berlin Tegel Airport) was well chosen, as there was a super combination of indoor and outdoor space, as well as test tracks for exhibitors of sustainable individual mobility.
  • At the Greentech Festival there was only vegetarian and vegan food.

What we found not so ideal...

  • Shell was represented as an exhibitor. - But why? We found Louisa Dellert's suggestion very fitting: "But then they must also commit to having to face critical questions at a panel talk with, for example, an NGO. The Greentech Festival should not be allowed to be La La Land for corporations."
  • Exhibiting at trade fairs is very expensive, and the Greentech Festival is no exception. - Therefore, we assume that it will not have been possible for various start-ups to visit the Greentech Festival as exhibitors - although it is precisely start-ups that often have the innovative, transformative ideas.
  • It's great that a shuttle with electric buses was offered, but it seemed to run relatively irregularly, or at least with too little frequency.
  • The days of the Greentech Festival were very hot - and yet there was no free water, not even a way to fill up your own water bottle. So we came across Phantor, a generator for water from air, relatively by chance.

So all in all we say: A nice event with room for improvement!



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