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The 28-day sustainability challenge for Earth Day

We want to use Earth Day as an opportunity to integrate more sustainability into our everyday lives together. Because it takes more than one day to save the climate.

and many more. You are in good company.

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How the campaign works

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28 Challenges

In 4 themed weeks, you will receive a daily challenge for more sustainability in everyday life

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App & content from 2zero

All content is carefully prepared by us, and you will also receive marketing materials for social media and print

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Rewards, badges and team challenges ensure that your participants have fun and stay active

Show the world what you've got!

You can prove yourself in various challenges and compete with the other teams. You'll earn climate points, great rewards and exciting competitions!

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Climate Points Challenge

Who can collect the most climate points by completing challenges, guides and quizzes?

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Bike Challenge

Who can cycle the most kilometers per capita in 4 weeks?

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2zero Creative Award

Who will win the creative prize for their special commitment during Earth Weeks?

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What do I get by participating?

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Own app community

You will have your own community in the 2zero app. There, your users can complete challenges, read ClimateGoodNews and compete with others on the leaderboard.

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Management Portal

With our management app, you can track the success of the campaign, create new content and manage the settings of your community.

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Marketing materials

You will receive marketing templates for social media channels and print formats for the campaign. We can also customize these for you.

"For us as a company, 2zero brings exactly what we wanted to achieve - the realization that everyone can do something for climate protection within the company."

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Simon Westermair

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Comprehensive climate protection with 2zero

Questions & Answers

The most frequently asked questions at a glance.

How can progress be measured and reported?

Our platform offers detailed monitoring tools that allow you to track your progress in real time. We also support you in creating transparent reports that showcase your successes to stakeholders.

How does participation fit into our existing sustainability strategy?

Our approach is to complement and reinforce your existing efforts. Our solution can be seamlessly integrated into your sustainability strategy and enhance it by motivating employees to adopt more sustainable behaviors and incentivizing the implementation of your measures.

What support does 2zero offer during the implementation process?

We offer comprehensive support, including app, management platform and marketing materials. Our team is also on hand to ensure that the implementation runs smoothly and effectively.

Can a company team form its own group?

Yes, you can set up a team with just two people. It can be named individually and has its own statistics (due to GDPR) from three members.

Does the platform comply with the GDPR and can you participate anonymously?

Your data is stored on EU servers and in compliance with the GDPR. Every employee can also participate anonymously and "invisibly". When working with large companies, we can draw on a wealth of experience to enable special solutions.

How should we communicate CO2 values?

The CO2 values are intended to give an impression of the potentially reduced emissions. It is not a clear cut CO2 value as there is no verification of the entries. The aim of the campaign is to enable a more positive perspective on the climate crisis, to support the sustainable orientation of your company or your municipalities and to give sustainable measures more stage.

How many participants are already involved?

Our campaigns have met with widespread approval. Our aim is to exceed our target from our "Climate Rally" initiative last year and achieve at least 100 participating companies and municipalities.

Any further questions?

You can contact us at any time for further information!