Long-term climate goals? You can achieve them with us!

With our long-term solution, we accompany you after the Klimathon on your way to Net Zero. From stocktaking to individual challenges to continuous review - our program is as unique as your company.

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Your path to climate neutrality

Why we will inspire your business!

2zero is more than just an app or tool - we pave your way to Net Zero. Discover how we can help your business achieve Net Zero:

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Your footprint, your starting point!

Create or import your company's carbon footprint into our management dashboard. Based on this status quo, we plan your individual journey to Net Zero, supported by our unique challenges.

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Individual journey to Net Zero

Your Footprint, Our Challenges!

Our app sets your employees individual challenges based on their carbon footprint. This way, reducing CO2 becomes a joint project.

Individual Challenges

Reduce CO2

Joint project

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Always stay on the ball!

After each Challenge, we review progress together and get ready for the next step on the path to Net Zero.

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On the way to Net Zero

Climate protection is fun!

Our gamification concept keeps your employees motivated. From emotional to financial incentives - we know how to reward engagement.


Emotional and financial incentives

Rewarding the commitment

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Protecting the climate together!

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