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Review: Regional climate protection with klimo

August 11, 2023
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Review: Regional climate protection with klimo

The regional app klimo is designed to promote low-emission behavior in Kassel, highlight options and reward climate friendliness.

The development of the app is being funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection as part of the three-year LESS is more project. Since April1,2022 , the klimo app can be downloaded and used free of charge at or directly in the app stores.

Simply save CO2 and protect the climate with klimo

The app raises awareness for climate protection and gives playful tips on what can be done better.

At the beginning of April 2022, the time had come: The new klimo app could be presented after a little more than a year of conception and programming.

First, regional stakeholders and multipliers were able to gain an insight into the app at the launch event on April 1, 2022 at the Neue Denkerei in Kassel. Here, the structure, functionality, goals and motivation were presented.

The Klimo Team

The Launch Event

The launch event was also the starting signal for an extensive communication campaign to make the app known and to win the citizens of Kassel as users of the app.

Part of the campaign included the presentation of the app at various regional events, such as Casseler Frühlings-Freyheit or Kasseler Gartenkultur with an information booth.

A poster campaign in the Kassel cityscape as well as in the Kassel streetcars, and a digital advertising campaign via SocialMedia were carried out in parallel.

Presentation Klimo
Klimo advertising posters

Rewards for successful challenges

Since its launch, the app has been continuously developed, improved and expanded. For example, a reward system was introduced to motivate users of the app even more to take on further challenges.

For each challenge mastered, users are credited with points that they can exchange for virtual elements for a Kassel map. This makes it possible to transform a desert-like Kassel into a green and healthy landscape.

Regional climate protection

Klimo focuses on the city and region of Kassel. While other climate apps tend to show in abstract terms what can be done to protect the climate, the klimo app offers diverse and concrete points of contact with developments in Kassel and the region in order to promote sustainable thinking and action among the population.

With the app, a tool was developed for Kassel that does not promote the energy turnaround on a technological or economic level, but rather involves the behavior of individual citizens. Klimo shows how climate protection works on a regional and personal level.

The project investigates the positive effects that can be achieved with the app. Many insights gained in the Less is more project have been incorporated into 2zero.

If Kassel leads by example, the positive effects of the klimo app will spur other municipalities to establish such a tool. The project results are to be transferred to other cities.

Klimo App

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